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China Sent Medical Experts To North Korea, Kim's Health Suspected To Be Critical

By on April 26, 2020 0 211 Views

A team of Chinese medical experts left to North Korea on Thursday under suspicious conditions. The Chinese government is playing secrecy over the medical experts’ trip, while keen watchers on North Korea are saying that the medical experts went there to advise the dictator of North Korea – Kim Jong-un.

Supreme Leader of North Korea – Kim Jong-Un


According to a report by news agency Reuters, the Chinese team includes a few medical experts and a senior member of the International Liaison Department. This department is the sole responsible body for China’s diplomacy with North Korea.

Neither China’s foreign ministry nor the Liaison Department is responding to the requests to comment by the media. Even the sources of the news are maintaining secrecy with their name. Being one of the most isolated and secretive countries, the news of its dictator’s health is a matter of Nation-Security for North Korea.

Is the dictator dead?

Speculation around his deteriorated health started floating around when on April 15, Kim Jong-un missed the birth anniversary of North Korea’s founding father and Kim’s dictator grandfather, Kim Il-sung.

On April 18, it was North Korea’s Military Foundation Day, but Kim didn’t show up on that day either. Several international media houses started to look for answers.


Daily NK is an online website run by North Korea’s defectors. The site confirmed that country’s leader just had a cardiovascular operation. After the Daily NK, a HongKong broadcast network claimed that they have substantial inputs of Kim Jong-un’s death.

Some Japanese media houses even claimed that Kim Jong-un has gone ‘brain-dead.’

World’s Reactions: When asked about the North Korean leader’s health reports, U.S. President Donald denied the stories to be rumours. He said, “I think the report was incorrect.” However, Trump didn’t comment if he is in touch with the North Korean leader or not.


South Korean’s relations with North Korea are soured past few decades. The two countries keep 24*7 vigilance at each other because of tactical reasons. When asked about the rumours, the South Korean officials said that they hadn’t detected any unusual activities across the border and most probably, Kim will make a public appearance soon.

Kim Jong’s dictator father had a stroke in 2008, and coincidentally it was China at that time too, who sent its delegation of medical experts to take hold of the situation.

As the country has maintained secrecy over the years, people across the world are asking out of curiosity: What if Kim Jong-un dies?

The answer is simple – nothing won’t change. The inner circle of Kim believes in the same kind of foreign policy that its leader believes in. The workers’ party in North Korea will ensure a smooth transition to ensure a continuity of governance.

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