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Boss Hoss Cycle – A Horse, Powered By The V8 Engine

By on April 28, 2020 0 371 Views

Before starting, here’s a quick question for you: What comes first into your mind when you read ‘Chevrolet big-block V8 motor’?

A car? The usual suspects like Corvette and Camaro?

Or a Bike? Not a bike?

But, What if I tell you that the bike that we are talking about today is run by Chevrolet’s V8 motor? Brace yourself, here we present the Boss Hoss Cycles and its variants of V8 powered beasts.


The Boss Hoss Cycles is a motorcycle making company based in Tennesse – a landlocked state in US South. Since the company’s inception in 1990, it is making kit bikes- delivering only the chassis instead of a complete bike for customers who want to put in the engine of their personal taste.

After a good start, Boss Hoss Cycles started to make their own complete motorcycles in 1996. The customers were given the option of getting only chassis or a complete motorcycle with beast engine likes 5,700cc Chevrolet ZZ4 crate.

Back in the 1990s, Chevrolet ZZ4 crate had power between 5,300cc to 5,700cc, and 350PS torque. But in 2020, Boss Hoss Cycles’ variants starts with 6,200cc powered engines and goes way up to Chevrolet’s big-block 8,200cc V8 engines that can pull even a truck. Not just on individual demand, the company makes these beasts on a mass level, which means you can order the bike any day without a waiting period of months. The bikes have a mammoth front-wheel (21-inch width). The chrome is typically American- bright enough to burn a Dracula. 600PS engine is a button away, which can essentially make you feel like a ghost rider once tapped.


The look of the bike is tough, but its semi-automatic gearbox and 21 inches wheelbase give you both- stability and convenience. Because of its semi-automatic gearbox, which is unusual in the industry, the Boss Hoss Cycles’ beasts are also called ‘Super Scooters.’

The mighty V8 engine in a motorcycle and herculean 350ps torque might give you an impression that it will be a bumpy ride to drive these two-wheelers, but the company guarantees you that the vibration levels will be minimum, in fact much lower than its competitors like big V-twin Harley.

Of course, this colossal mammoth will cost you more than your usual mopeds. The top variant with 8,200cc Chevrolet big-block V8 motor would cost you $67,000 or in Indian currency- more than Rs 50 lakh. With that money, you can buy a Mercedes-Benz CLA Series. But as they say, “Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul.”

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