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How To Properly Disinfect Your Car In Just Five Steps

By on April 29, 2020 0 256 Views


Though personal commutation is prohibited in lockdown time, some of us still have to go outside. Sometimes it’s just to buy groceries and stuff. Other times, it may be because of some medical necessity.

Anyhow, if a vehicle is used even just a single time, it needs to be disinfected, just like our hands. And this necessity to disinfect increases, when the vehicle is a car as it is a closed vehicle, and it touches more body parts of yours than a motorcycle. So the question arises: How to properly disinfect a car?

Here’s a five-step list to do the job properly:

  1. Gear and the steering wheel

The most frequently touched part of a car while driving, obviously, is the steering wheel and the gear. Clean the steering wheel along with its central hub. If your wheel is covered with some cloth-cover for better grip, remove it. The plastic of the steering wheel is easier to disinfect than a cloth. Wipe the gear level along with the instrument panel.

  • Doors

The very first and the last thing you touch of a car while using it is its doors. If you cannot disinfect other things, then try at least to clean the gear, steering wheel, and doors. Make sure you wipe the door handles on both sides.


  1. Dash

Though it is not touched often, the dash is also necessary to clean because it is on the driver’s side. It will be closer to a human no matter if a single person is in the car or if the vehicle is full.Extra driving tip: Try not to use the car air conditioner until necessary. The air current produced by the AC makes the airflow only in one direction. If an infected person is sitting on the driving side, he/she will surely infect everyone else in the mobile.


  1. Radio

In the first place, don’t use the radio. It is not an essential part of driving, but it attracts a lot of touches. No matter if you have a touchscreen player or a manual button radio, it is necessary to clean them both. Instead of using a liquid, use spray while cleaning the radio.

  • Seats

According to the new rules, a car can only have two passengers; one on a driver’s seat and another on the back seat, diagonally opposite to the driver. But, even if you don’t use all of them, clean all the seats. Because the seats are connected, and we somehow drift a little to the adjacent seat while on the trip.

Extra driving tip: Don’t put your grocery bags on the seats; instead, put them in the boot.

There is only little we can add in the fight against the coronavirus. But we can at least ensure that, that little is perfect.

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