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Jadavpur University: Students Develop Device To Detect COVID-19 Carriers

By on April 29, 2020 0 2901 Views

As coronavirus spreads its footprints all over the nation, many are coming on the front to beat the virus. This time, it is the students from Jadavpur University. They have come with an innovative way to tackle the invisible enemy. As per recent reports, two students from the university have developed a device that can detect if a coughing person is a COVID-19 carrier or not. The students named – Annesya Banerjee and Achal Nilhani – are third-year students in the Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering.

One teacher from the Innovation Council of Jadavpur University, Kolkata, made the announcement today that the students have developed an intelligent device under the guidance of Professor P. Venkateswaran.

More About The Device

The device developed by the students has embedded images and sound sensors, making it more of a non-contact device. This means that it can identify a coughing person from a distance and also detect multiple persons as well. It can be used as a first-level screening system for identifying the COVID-19 carriers. With the data and analysis, this device can help in limiting the spread of the virus.


As far as the usage of the device is concerned, it can prove beneficial for quarantine centers, classrooms, office spaces, and other areas for monitoring people. Interestingly, the teacher said that the device can also be used in a drone for surveillance and identification of COVID-19 suspects in public places.

For now, the device has received positive responses from various doctors. It might even go for real-time testing soon according to the reports.

Others Joining COVID Combat

This is not the first time when students have come up with initiatives towards coronavirus pandemic. Earlier IIT Bhubaneswar built a safe and multi-surface sanitizer using UV light to disinfect devices in just 15 minutes.

Other than this, the students of Presidency College has started a donation drive to help the casual employees of the hostel.

IIT Ropar also joined in the battle against coronavirus. It has developed a containment box to provide health workers safety. IIT Madras went on to create a ‘smart-bin-system’ to prevent the spread of the virus through waste generated in hospitals, public space, and so on. Named “AirBin”, the dustbin can be controlled remotely through a smartphone.

These are just some of the educational institutions that are going the extra mile to stop the pandemic. Many others have also contributed in various ways. IITs all over the country have specially made extra efforts to develop devices and platforms to cope with COVID-19.

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