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Government Allows Movement Of Migrant Workers, Tourists, Students Stranded At Various Places

By on April 30, 2020 0 3281 Views

More than a month has passed by since India came under lockdown. Now, the Ministry of Home Affairs has released a statement announcing relaxation in the lockdown rules. Government allows movement of migrant workers, Tourists, Students stranded at various places. However, the movement will be allowed while following strict protocols regarding sanitisation.

What Do the Guidelines Say?

“All states to designate nodal authorities and develop standard protocols for receiving and sending such stranded persons. Stranded migrant workers, pilgrims, tourists, students will be allowed to move with conditions during the lockdown,” said the MHA order. As per the reports, the new guidelines will come into effect from May 4, 2020, and can lead to several relaxations across the country. The order came after the Supreme Court asked for a response as it got a set of petitions from migrants.


Earlier, the centre has allowed states like Uttar Pradesh to ferry stranded migrants and students from other states like Delhi and Rajasthan.           

Below are some important developments you need to know about the new guidelines allowing the movement of stranded people:

  • As per the new order, people can use buses to travel back home. However, these buses will first be sanitized and the rules of social distancing will be followed during the movement.
  • The Home Ministry also said that the people will be screened before being sent to the home. Those who will test positive will be sent to hospitals and others with no symptoms will be allowed to go back home. However, they will have to stay in home quarantine for at least 14 days.
  • The Ministry has asked all the states to designate nodal officers and ensure the development of essential protocols for sending and receiving stranded people.
  • The people who will get the chance to go back home will be encouraged to use “Arogya Setu” app for the monitoring of their health status.

Government Allows Movement a Big Relief

This decision by the government will offer a big relief to lakhs of people who are stuck, away from their homes with no food and place to live. It will also bring relief to stranded tourists and students from different parts of the country. As per reports, several states like UP, Jharkhand, West Bengal and Bihar has urged the Centre to allow the movement of stranded migrants, students, pilgrims and tourists under standard protocols.


Before this decision, many states have already begun the transfer of people. UP and Assam are evacuating students from Rajasthan’s Kota. Punjab has also transported some pilgrims back to the state.

The Bottomline

The lockdown which was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on March 25 saw the migration of lakhs of labourers across the country. Many started the journey back home on foot.

Unfortunately, some did not make it home and died on the way due to less water and food. With this decision does give hope to migrants, it also leaves a question on how the government will ensure proper sanitisation and social distancing a large exodus.

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