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Proving All The Reports Wrong, Kim Jong-Un Appears In Public

By on May 2, 2020 0 244 Views

After a period of around three weeks, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un finally made a public appearance. Earlier, almost every international media was publishing reports on his alleged deteriorating health and possible death.

A local news agency of North Korea reported that Kim Jong-un made an appearance at the opening of a chemicals factory. After some foreign media outlets questioned the authenticity of the news, the same local agency- KCNA- published photos of Kim Jong-un cutting the ribbon at the opening ceremony. However, this report and photos are not confirmed by any independent media yet.

Before this appearance, the North Korean leader was last seen on April 12. Global leaders have not commented yet on this resurfacing of Mr. Kim Jong-un. When asked to comment on this update, US President Donald Trump said that he doesn’t want to comment on this topic yet. 

The local report:

According to the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), Kim Jong-un was spotted with the government officials. The agency reported that when Kim Jong-un made the appearance, people “burst into thunderous cheers of ‘hurrah!’ for the Supreme Leader who is commanding the all-people general march for accomplishing the great cause of prosperity.”

Kim said that he is well pleased with the factory’s work, and the factory is doing an excellent job of making the country more progressed. The North Korean media is supported by the government, and its reports are notorious for being biased in favor of the leader.

Source of Rumors:

The chain of rumors started when Kim Jong-un missed his grandfather’s birth anniversary ceremony on April 15. North Korea celebrates it every year, with state leader acting as the chief guest. But, the unusual missing this year started the chain of wild speculations.

A website named Daily NK first ran the news of Kim Jong-un having cardiovascular problems. This website is run by mostly North Korean defectors and is deemed to be most authentic by foreign media. A number of media houses published reports on how the dictator’s death can cause ripples in international politics. Some Indian Hindi news channels went as far as airing news of Kim Yo Jong, replacing the position of his brother Kim Jong-un.

Kim Jong-Un’s sister Kim Yo Jong

This is not the first time when Kim Jong-un went missing. In the year 2014, the North Korean leader didn’t make any public appearance for 40 days consecutively. Neither the government officials nor the local media gave any explanation of their leader’s disappearance. At that time, also, wild speculations were made by international media.

With the surfacing of the notorious leader, the media will go back to its ‘yet another day in the times of COVID-19’ schedule.

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