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Five Tech-Jugaad by the Indian Army, Navy, and Others to Tackle COVID-19 Situation

By on May 4, 2020 0 143 Views

These are extraordinary times – when doctors are our first line of defense, and people who earlier used to be our first line of defense like Indian Army have gone on the dormancy phase. Nations are not fighting among themselves. Instead, they are fighting a common enemy.

Hence, there is less need for paramilitary forces on borders. But as they say, once a soldier, always a soldier. Our paramilitary forces refused to take rest and are trying their best by going the extra mile. 

DRDO, the Indian Army, Navy, and other paramilitary forces used their technical skills to innovate new machines that can help people fight the pandemic. Five best of such innovations are:

Oxygen Multi Feeder Made By The Indian Navy


As the saying goes, “Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire.” But what if you can save six lives instead of one? Indian Navy made an oxygen multi-feed that can provide oxygen to six coronavirus patients at a single time, instead of just one patient. The device has become famous in hospitals with the name ‘Portable Multi-feed Oxygen Manifold.’

Low-Cost Thermal Scanner And Anti-Aerosolization Box By The Indian Army


It will become a financial problem for the government if devices that are supposed to produce in mass require great resources. But thanks to the Indian Army, which is producing necessary equipment like surgical masks, hand sanitizers, anti-aerosolization boxes, and thermal scanners at a bare minimum cost.

‘COVSACK’ COVID-19 Sample Collection Kiosk By DRDL Hyderabad


The kiosk made by DRDL gets disinfected automatically without the need of any human. On simple voice commands, the disinfection liquid gets sprinkled in the show, followed by freshwater and UV light disinfection.

Portable COVID-19 Sample Testing Labs by DRDO


Congested or rural areas don’t have hospitals to be turned into COVID-19 testing labs. DRDO has solved the problem by making portable labs. These portables labs are almost everywhere in Delhi and Mumbai.

Ultraviolet Sensitive Sanitization Box By DRDO Labs


The ultraviolet C rays have so much energy contained in themselves that prolonged exposure to them can destroy any genetic material. DRDO labs used the same method to destroy the genetic material in coronavirus. They have made Ultraviolet C-sensitive sanitization boxes to disinfect medical equipment in hospitals. 

These paramilitary forces didn’t need to intervene and help in the medical procedure to tackle coronavirus. Yet these institutions went the extra mile just to serve the society. The hands that were mastered in firing bullets are now willingly serving patients. 

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