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Watch: This Angry Alcoholic Blaming Authorities Will Make You Remember The Demonetization Times

By on May 7, 2020 0 234 Views

After the opening of Liquor shops on May 4, videos start circulating on the internet of long queues and chaotic crowds trying to get their hands on bottles and the same time angry alcoholic blaming authorities. The length of these queues gave people nostalgia of demonetization times.

Some were happy that they are finally getting the love of their life, some were tired – as they were far behind in the lines and the rest were cursing authorities – again a typical scene in front of ATMs during Demonetization.

As the media was covering these chaotic scenes in front of wine shops, a news agency shot a video almost identical to the demonetization cursing guy.


The guy in the video said, “Public is standing in line since 6 in the morning, while the police have just arrived 5 minutes before the opening of the store. Till then, not a single authority person was here to control the situation… “

“Who will be responsible if something happens?” he said while swirling in emotions of anger and irritation.”

The situation went funny as a person wanting to talk to the journalist tried to speak his mind, but the angry alcoholic shut him up, saying, “Friends let me speak. Wait… let me speak…”

Swayed by sheer emotions, the guy even went as further as saying that what if a fistfight happens here or maybe an open massacre?

Angry Alcoholic Blaming Authorities Watch the video here.

Many funny videos are circulating around the internet, showing emotional alcoholics, finally getting out of their homes to celebrate the event of the opening of liquor shops.

Some started to joke that they are not drunkards but men on the mission of saving the economy.

You may laugh on them, but the reality is – these men have proved that they can sustain without taking liquor, but the government can’t sustain without selling it.

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