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Google Lens Introduces New Feature, Now Copy And Paste Handwritten Notes to PC

By on May 8, 2020 0 209 Views

Google never fails to surprise us with its cool features. This time again, the tech giant has rolled a new update to Google Lens. The image recognition tool can now let the user copy and paste handwritten texts from phone to computer.


The new feature is available for both Android and iOS users from today onwards. However, you need to have a clear handwriting to make the most of this new feature.

How to Use The Feature?

Before using the new feature, you need to have the updated version of Google Lens app or the Google App for iOS. You can also use Google Chrome to access the Google Lens. In addition to an updated version, you also need to log in to your devices with your Google account.

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Now here are the steps that will help you transfer handwritten texts to computer:

  • First, open the Google Lens app and point the camera towards the handwritten notes.
  • When the camera detects the text, highlight the text you want to copy on the phone screen.
  • Now choose the ‘Copy to computer’ option and the text will be pasted on another signed-in device. Just go to any document in Google Docs and Paste the text.

Until now, Lens gave the option to copy and paste text to the smartphones. Now, the company is trying to give the same update to laptops and personal computers.

With this feature, users can easily convert handwritten text into well-informed pieces. Not just students but working professionals can also benefit a lot from this tool. They can now easily send the notes of the meetings written on paper without typing it all again.

More Features Added

Interestingly, Google has also added other features. It can also help in learning new phrases. Using the in-line Google Search result, you can easily select the phrases you don’t understand through Google Lens and learn their meaning.


The second feature allows users to learn new words and their pronunciation. The users can highlight the words on Google Lens and click on the Listen button to hear the correct pronunciation. For now, the app has more than 100 languages including Chinese and Spanish in its store.

These features are being launched today. You can download the Lens through Google app on iOS and the Google Lens app on Android.

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