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Delhi: Website Crashes As People Rush to Buy Liquor E-tokens Online

By on May 9, 2020 0 149 Views

Not long ago, when a massive rush of people flocked the liquor stores, violated the social distancing rules, the Delhi government decided to launch e-token system for the sale of liquor in the capital. However, the liquor e-tokens initiative failed miserably as the website crashed due to heavy traffic.

Now, the shops are again facing long queues of thousands of people. Many complained that they tried to get the e-token from the website several times with no success. Finally, they had to come back to the liquor shops to stand in queues.


The site – https://www.qtoken.in – was launched where people could apply for e-tokens to avoid standing in the queue for hours. In a statement, the government said, “Anyone who wants to avoid long queue has to apply through the web link and an e-token will be sent to the registered mobile number. The person can then go to the nearby shop, show the e-token and buy liquor. This will help reduce overcrowding and ensure social distancing,” 

Limited numbers of liquor stores were opened following the lockdown relaxation to ensure revenue for states. However, only 50 of the total 200 shops were able to operate due to massive crowding. People were found waiting in the queue as early as 4 am in the morning. In some areas, police had to lathi-charge to control the crowd and enforce social distancing.

Under the new e-token system, customers were given specific time slots for buying liquor from the nearest outlet. Only 50 tokens were to be given in an hour. One can get the liquor e-tokens by visiting the website and filling essential details like mobile phone number, address and the name of the nearby liquor shop. An e-token was then sent to the registered mobile number for the sale.

The government officials have now confirmed the crashing of website due to heavy traffic and informed that the glitch is now being fixed.

“Consider Home Delivery of Liquor”, Suggests Supreme Court

Amidst all this chaos, the Supreme Court is favouring the idea of home delivery of liquor. Indirect sale can help in reducing the gathering of people outside shops. “We will not pass any order but states should consider home delivery or indirect sale of liquor to maintain social distancing,” said the Supreme Court.


The top court said this while hearing a petition filed by Sai Deepak. The petition complained about the flouting of social distancing rules at liquor shops, which is essential to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Notably, the government has increased the liquor price by 70 of its MRP. However, this did not impact the huge crowds and people still gather in large numbers – raising the fear of coronavirus spread.

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