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TRAI Recommends: Mobile Numbers to Have 11-Digit Numbers

By on May 30, 2020 0 1171 Views

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has made several new recommendations on Friday. Out of those that have come out as an interesting one is the change in digits of mobile numbers. TRAI recommends for 11-digit mobile numbers as the part of its ‘Unified Numbering Plan’.


The authority has come with this idea to ensure that the country gets more numbering resources for mobile and fixed-line numbers.

“The ongoing plan implemented in 2003, was developed keeping in mind the projections till the year 2033,” TRAI said in a statement.

As per the reports, under this plan, the current numbers will change. The customers will require an addition of ‘0’ in front of them to dial. For new numbers, extra digits will be added at the end.

TRAI said, “The existing 10-digit numbering scheme should be continued to avoid inconvenience to the customers that would accompany any move to shift to an 11-digit numbering scheme,”


Important Points To Know

TRAI also suggested some other changes to transform the existing numbering system. Here are the important points you need to know:

  • TRAI has suggested the mandatory use of ‘0’ as a prefix for calling mobile numbers from a fixed connection. Currently, people can dial any mobile number without using a 0.
  • They are planning to shift the 10-digit number to 11-digit number system for mobile numbers starting from 9. The regulator said it will offer space for 10 billion numbers.
  • Dongles and data cards also have 10-digit numbers. But now, the mobile numbers offered for dongles will be shifted to 13 digits. This will also release some resources.
  • TRAI has also suggested that fixed line numbers should be moved to a sub-level of ‘2’ or ‘4’. The landline connections offered to users which start from ‘3’, ‘5’ and ‘6’ numeric are no longer in service. Now with this change, the telecom operators can use those numbers for future purposes.
  • Not just mobile numbers but fixed line connections should also provide ‘0’ dialling services.

Why The Change?

As per TRAI, more than 17 years have passed since the National Numbering Plan. Now, the availability of numbers can face a shortage as many people are using mobile numbers and there is a massive growth in the mobile connections all over the country.

Currently, there are 1177.02 million telephone subscribers in India. All these recommendations were discussed with stakeholders in an Open House Discussion that took place in January.

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