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IRCTC train ticket: Railway cancels passenger trains till August 12. Know the refund rules

By on June 26, 2020 0 387 Views

After catching a number of coronavirus cases in India, the central government had canceled all trains till June 30. Even after a long period of lockdown and implementing restrictive measures throughout the country, the number of cases is rising. Keeping this rise in mind, Indian Railways (IRCTC) has taken a decision that might affect your travel plans.


The Indian Railways has officially announced that all the regular timetabled passenger trains will remain off the tracks till August 12.

How Is It Going To Affect You?

The ‘regular timetabled passenger trains’ that IRCTC mentioned include mail express, passenger trains, and suburban services. These are the trains that were already suspended by the Indian Government during the announcement of nationwide lockdown. The Central Government had announced that the trains are suspended till June 30, 2020. But now the suspension is extended till August 12, 2020.


How To Get IRCTC Refund?

People who have booked tickets in these canceled trains are eligible to get a full refund of their tickets. Those who have booked through the railway counter have to file a Ticket Deposit Receipt (TDR) at the railway station. Or they can submit TDRs to the chief claim officer or chief commercial manager refund’s office.

Passengers are eligible to get a refund if they apply for it within six months starting from the date of the journey.

How To Travel?

After suspending regular timetabled passenger trains, Indian Railways has started 230 special passenger trains. These include 200 mail express trains and 30 Rajdhani trains. Some of them are running from May 12, while others are running from June 1. These trains will continue to run throughout the country. So you can book tickets on these trains if you need to travel.


Fake News On IRCTC

Some news media outlets ran news that all trains are canceled by Indian Railways. Which is not true. Indian Railways clarified it with an official statement.

“We have only enabled refunds for trains that are not being operated and for which tickets were booked prior to the lockdown and up to April 14, 2020. No trains which are presently operational have been cancelled. The special trains will continue to run. As far as running of more trains are concerned, all will be informed and bookings will be done as and when a decision is taken about them,” the statement said.

The number of coronavirus cases in India has reached around 5 lakhs. With this rate of coronavirus spread, it seems less likely that the regular timetabled passenger trains will start running even after August 12.

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