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Central-motor-vehicle-rules-changed-Now-no need-of-additional-tyres-in-car

Central motor vehicle rules changed, Now no need of additional tyres in car

By on July 25, 2020 0 7210 Views

The central ministry of road transport and highways has finally made changes in the decades-old Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989. The rules were archaic and were creating problems for upcoming tech in the automobile industry. But with this change, the rules will be in synchronization with the latest international norms and rules. These newly changed rules are for tires, safety glass and external projections, and few other areas.


The changes in motor vehicle rules will be in application after April 1, 2021, giving authorities and automobile companies time to comply with changes. Here is a list of the newly changed rules:

  • The major rule that will be giving automobile owners a breath of ease will be non-obligation of extra wheels in tubeless-tired cars. A tire repair kit is now prescribed by the government. In the case of tire punctures in tubeless tires, drivers can now use the repair kit to seal the hole in the tire, instead of changing the whole tire.

However, if a driver chooses not to have an extra tire in the car, a tire repair kit and a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) are necessary to have. This rule complies with every major developed country’s rules of transport and will allow more space to accommodate batteries.

  •  As mentioned earlier, a TPMS is now necessary for automobiles up to a weight of 3.5 Tonnes to monitor the variation in tire pressures. With a TPMS installed in the vehicle, the driver can know the advanced information of inflated pressure in the tire, hence making the trips safer.


  •  Just like extra tires, safety glass has also now been made non-mandatory by the central ministry of road transport and highways. An automobile owner can now have safety glazing instead of safety glass. However, safety glazing must pass through certain standard tests before use. It must have at least 70% transmission of light in the front and rear windows and at least 50% transmission of light in the side windows.
  •  Certain changes are also made for two-wheeler automobiles. For now, two-wheeler stands will be not regulated by the central government. A benchmark is now set for two-wheeler footrests.

With more and more technological upgrades in the automobile industry, immediate changes in were required in the decades-old Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989. This is the first change of this, with more and more electrical vehicles coming out, we can expect further changes in the motor vehicle rules.

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