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Indian Railways equips AC coaches with enhanced safety features.

By on November 11, 2020 0 5330 Views

The COVID-19 wave came with so much fear and uncertainty that it not only put restrictions on the economy but also domestic travel. To combat the spread, the government took various steps to improve the hygiene and safety in transportation modes. Indian Railways also took the initiative.

Railway Minister Piyush Goyal made announcement that new safety features were installed in the AC coaches of various trains. A passenger also took to twitter to share his experience of travelling in Chennai – Coimbatore Intercity Special train. 

This positive feedback of the passenger was shared by Ministry of Railways’ official twitter handle. In the video, the passenger said that his confidence got boosted by the proper hygiene and high-level cleanliness in the train.

Safety Features You Can Expect in Indian Railways

The decision to introduce new changes to AC coaches was taken by Indian Railways in the backdrop of coronavirus pandemic. The coaches were modified to suit the new requirements of passengers.

The ministry rolled out new coaches, designed by Rail Coach Factory (RCF) in Kapurthala. Both AC and non-AC coached were designed for preventing the spread of coronavirus during post-pandemic travel. As per the reports, around Rs. 6-7 lakhs were spent on each coach to introduce these new safety features.


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Some of the salient features that you can now expect in AC coaches of Indian Railways are as follows:

  • Handrails and latches are made of copper whose anti-microbial properties prevent the virus from staying at the surface for long hours.
  • Hand-free facilities and amenities such as foot-operated soap dispenser, water dispenser, flush valve, latches in lavatory door, and so on.
  • The AC duct is being used with Plasma Air Purifier that helps in making the coach coronavirus and particulate matter resistant. An ionised air is used to sterilize the air and surface inside the coach.
  • The coating is done using Titanium Dioxide which is eco-friendly. It also kills bacteria, mold, viruses and prevents fungal growth while improving the indoor air quality.

Though COVID-19 is spreading rapidly, there are times when you cannot avoid travel. In such situation, such initiatives and new changes to improve the trains surely boost the passengers’ confidence and make travel safe and secure.

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