WhatsApp Business Adds A Shopping Button As it Enters E-Commerce

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WhatsApp has kept its promise. When WhatsApp Business app was launched in 2018, the company promised that it will introduce a new feature for enhancing the user-experience by launching a “Shopping” button. Now, it has finally rolled out the feature.

But what exactly does this feature do? How can you make a use of it? Read on to find out!

WhatsApp Business: A New Shopping Destination

With the launch of the Shopping Button, businesses can now connect with the customers more easily. It will also increase their visibility and increase sales by making the business’ catalogue available to customers.

Before this feature was rolled out, you would need to click on the business profile to see the catalogue of a particular business. But now, you will just need to tap on the “Shopping” button and you will be taken to the catalogue where you can browse and look for the product and services.


The icon will replace the voice call button on the app. For voice call, you will need to simply click on the call button and then select whether they want a voice or video call. The button is available across the globe and will get updated soon.

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How To Use This Feature?

If you have a business account and uploaded the catalogue, you will see a storefront shopping icon right next to your account name. However, this will only happy if you have a live product catalogue in your WhatsApp business account.

When a person clicks on the shopping button, he or she can explore the product images from the catalogue. If they like anything, they can just tap on the Message Business button below each picture and raise inquiries about that particular product.


In simple words, you can just click on the shopping button, see all the products, message the buyer and make the payment without leaving the platform.

WhatsApp has also shared a demo video where you can learn everything about this new feature. Check below:

What More?

This shopping button is being introduced after WhatsApp launched its payments interface, WhatsApp Pay powered by Unified Payments Interface (UPI).

The option is now available for both iOS and android versions. The feature is supported by major banks such as HDFC, ICICI, State Bank of India and Axis Bank.

As per the reports, more than 175 million people use WhatsApp business every day. Not just this, more than 4 crore people watch the business catalogue. This indicates how effective and helpful this new feature is going to be for those who run their businesses through this app.

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