Complete Guide about HSRP and color-coded stickers number plates

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Do your vehicles have the ( HSRP )high-security registration plates or the color-coded fuel stickers? If not then you will be punished and penalized by the Delhi Government! Here is the complete guide about High-Security Registration Plates and color-coded stickers number plates

Well without burning through any time and before you get disputed, we should discuss about this new drive.

The Delhi government has dispatched a drive to check vehicles in certain areas of Delhi. They are doing this to guarantee these vehicles have HSRP numbers and shading/color coded fuel stickers. As of now, this is a restricted drive and the Delhi government is doing this to sharpen the nearby individuals so they adhere to the rules and the engine vehicle act.

What are these rules and penalties?

The public authority has provided orders that the appendage of HSRPs and the color coded sticker is compulsory. A public notification was given by the vehicle division in October expressing that “Vehicles enlisted preceding to April 1, 2019, should have the HSRPs and sticker introduced while new vehicles which are enrolled after the date, should come outfitted with both.”

The violators will be fined under the Motor Vehicles Act. The greatest fine for this is Rs 10,000 however at present, individuals are fined Rs 5,500.

What are these HSRP plates?

These number plates are hologram based and have color-coded stickers. For the vehicles running in Delhi-NCR, these stickers indicate the nature of the fuel that is used.

  • Blue stickers for Petrol and CNG fuel.
  • Orange stickers for Diesel-run vehicles

What is the significance of these plates?

The essential motivation to give these HSRP plates is insurance. These HSRP plates are given wellbeing highlights like the snap-lock framework and temper-proof, which are non-removable. It is unimaginable for the side of the road merchants and vendors to copy the snap-lock; subsequently it gives the vehicle owner protection from burglaries and any other misuse.

How can you get an HSRP for your vehicle?

The people in Delhi have to follow very simple processes to get their HSRP.

  • They can get their HSRP plates booked from bookmyhsrp.com
  • They can visit the website SIAM (Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers) and fill in the required details.
  • The Delhi transport department has uploaded a list of authorized dealers to sell HSRP and color-coded stickers on www.transport.delhi.gov.in. This allows the Delhiites to find the nearest vehicle authorized dealers to book an appointment.

What are the cost of these HSRP plates and color-coded stickers?

The price of HSRP plates and color-coded stickers have not been fixed by the central government, and it varies from state to state.

  • For four-wheelers, the HSRP will cost between Rs 590 to Rs 860.
  • For two-wheelers, the HSRP will cost between Rs 320 to Rs 500.
  • The color-coded stickers will cost approximately Rs 100.

Till now more than 500 challans have been fined on the vehicle owners for HSRP and color-coded stickers violation. For now, it is “limited” enforcement with a penalty of Rs 5,500 but in the coming days it can rise to Rs10,000 as per the provisions of the MV Act.

So, get your HSRP number plates and Color-coded stickers booked soon to avoid penalties.

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