Has WHO Handled The COVID-19 Correctly? India Joins 61 Other Countries For A Probe

by on May 19, 2020 0

As early as Mid-March, people had started to question the World Health Organisation’s response to coronavirus. WHO, the specialized agency of the United Nations, is deemed to be accountable for international public health. But once it started changing its narrative around the coronavirus pandemic every other week, intellectuals around the globe questioned the agency’s...

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Proving All The Reports Wrong, Kim Jong-Un Appears In Public

by on May 2, 2020 0

After a period of around three weeks, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un finally made a public appearance. Earlier, almost every international media was publishing reports on his alleged deteriorating health and possible death. A local news agency of North Korea reported that Kim Jong-un made an appearance at the opening of a chemicals factory....

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All You Need To Know: Facebook Purchase 9.9% Stake in Jio

by on April 24, 2020 0

The Indian private sector felt a massive jolt on Wednesday, April 22, 2020. However, it was not because another company got drowned by the impact of Coronavirus. The reason behind this hustle bustle was – the world’s largest social media company Facebook bought India’s largest conglomerate Jio’s minority stake. One may call it minority...

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Coronavirus Across the World: Top Highlights

by on April 18, 2020 0

It has been more than five months since the coronavirus pandemic began its destruction. The virus that can be traced back to China’s Wuhan has now grappled the entire world. Source Currently, more than 2.2 million people have been infected with the novel COVID-19 as per Johns Hopkins University. The death toll stands at...

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