October 25, 2020
  • October 25, 2020
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    • Maruti 800 ready to launch electric car, will run 130 km in one charge

    Maruti 800 ready to launch electric car, will run 130 km in one charge

    By on June 28, 2020 17 7464 Views

    Over the past few days, the petrol and diesel prices are increasing continuously. But as they say, where there is need, there is a solution. For now, one solution is – electric cars. And the solution provider is none other than Maruti Suzuki. The auto giant is in news again for the upcoming launch of Electric Maruti 800. But what are the new features of this upcoming car? How will it change the market?


    The electric version of Maruti 800 has many features and benefits that you won’t be able to help but will buy it right away. Read on to find out.

    Few Hours To Full Charge

    As per the reports, the charging of Maruti electric car is quite fast. The car takes around 4 to 4.5 hours to charge completely. And with this much charging, the car offers a driving range of up to 130 kilometers. As far as the speed is concerned, it has a top speed of 80-85 kilometers per hour.

    What more? The car has 16 battery cells. While 9 are installed into the front engine bay, 7 are installed below the front seat.

    Amazing Torque

    Another noteworthy thing about Maruti 800 is the amazing torque. Usually, the cars in this segment have very low torque. But that is not the case with Maruti electric car. After being equipped with electric technology, the car can generate considerably high torque.

    As per the reports, Maruti 800 can generate up to 378 Nm of torque. In short, it is stronger than the previous variants and hopes to have great performance.

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    Other Features

    Though not much is revealed, some reports have talked about other specific features of Maruti electric car. Some of them include IoT features like fingerprint scanner and facial recognition.

    Maruti 800 Expected Price

    If the reports are to be believed, the new Maruti 800 is being made using the old Maruti 800. And the price can be around Rs. 75,000. However, the company has not released any official statement about the price yet. We will update the news as soon as the company announces something new on the car.

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    • Homi Mulla 4 months ago

      Awesome. How do I know when it’s ready for sale?

    • Jitendra B Shah 4 months ago

      Its nesesary for our contri because the fuil rates are too incrise so midle catagri person youse electrick car egily

    • Chander 4 months ago


    • Sherayansh jain 4 months ago

      Pls let Me know when is ready for sale . i want to have a look and will try to conclude the same

    • D.Rajasekaran 4 months ago


    • Dr. Husni Mubarak 4 months ago

      Plz let me know when is ready for sale.

    • Madhuban Ashram 4 months ago

      how much the cost

    • KRISHNENDU DHAR 4 months ago

      Please let me know about price….I will try to purchase the same, because maruti 800 is the best car for middleclass people……

    • Pl let me know when car will be ready
      At present I am owner of Maruti 800
      Whether that can be exchanged

    • It’s wonderful

    • Sandip 4 months ago

      The rate send to be wrong
      It can’t be 75000
      It should be 7.5 lac

    • RajendranManghat 4 months ago

      Never ever for 75,000.One single rechargeable batter cost how much? 16 batteries cost how much? This will be a failure. It can never be a common man’s car. Nobody will purchase that small car for 7,50,000.

    • Chander dutt sharma 4 months ago

      Car must be able to cover 500 k.m. in a single chargeu

    • Ravi Ramakrishnan 4 months ago

      The quoted price Rs 75000 seems to be too less…

    • Raj 4 months ago

      That’s a nice welcome news when fuel prices are spiralling. Would appreciate keeping me posted more details about the car.

    • lalit kumar sharma 4 months ago

      great news.

    • Hitendra C Raval 3 months ago

      Good News for Indian people..Questions of Battary and other spareparts..kindly more details givento people..

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